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How to fix it : Choose the ad set you want to edit and change the desired new end date. How to fix it : If you need to start your ads now, then you should consider changing your schedule. Your audience is very narrow : When targeting a very narrow audience, say, people who purchased in the last three days, this might result in very few people depends on the size of your e-shop.

There might also be that you have applied too many targeting criteria that narrowed your audience dramatically. In both cases, you need to make some adjustments. How to fix : 1.

Why Deadlines Matter

You can edit the Ad Set targeting to make the necessary exclusions to avoid any overlap. This will help you show your ads to the people in your chosen audience.

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There are Ad Sets with overlapping audiences : When audiences between Ad Sets overlap, this means that you are competing against yourself. Head over to the Audiences Tab and choose the audiences you think may overlap.

the wrong delivery part four running out of time Manual

Your bids or budget are way too low : Every Facebook Ad you create enters the auction to be able to display your ads to your audience. How to fix it : Try increasing your bids and or changing your bidding strategy. Make sure that you know how much a conversion is worth to you and use this as a guide. If you are unsure, you may want to use the lowest cost with no cap for some days to get data and then adjust your bidding strategy accordingly. If you are starting a new campaign and you have no previous conversions purchases, add-to-carts etc.

In that case, your delivery will be very limited. How to fix it : You should consider changing the conversion event you are optimising for to one that occurs more frequently. Usually, you will want to optimise for an event higher in your funnel add-to-carts instead of purchase. By utilising discriminatory targeting in your Facebook ad sets, you will experience low to none ad delivery or get your ads rejected. The ad is under review : Every ad you create, or edit needs to be reviewed.

The process usually takes 24 hours to change the ad status from under review to approved. How to fix it : First make sure of the status of your ad. Create a filter based on ad delivery to check if there are any ads under review. You need to provide them with the Ad ID, and a description of your problem. Your Facebook ad has been disapproved : There are many reasons why your Facebook Ad will not get approved. They have to do with whether your product or services fall under their restricted or prohibited content or the language used in your Ad copy.

Usually, Facebook provides you with a reason why your Facebook Ad has been disapproved. You have a low relevance score : Relevance score shows you how relevant your ad offer is to your target audience. A high relevance score means that it will cost you less to reach your target audience. When your score is low in combination with high negative feedback this may not only cost you more but, hurt your chances of delivering your ads too. How to fix it : One thing you should consider is whether you are targeting the right audience or not.

If you are, indeed, targeting the wrong audience, you should consider tweaking your targeting. Make sure to improve your score to be able to deliver your ads to your target audience. There you have it! A complete and practical guide on the most common issues regarding ad delivery and how to fix them. Facebook News. Instagram is developing a new Stories feature called Stop Motion, which lets you create videos based on captured images. Videos are a very successful format on social networks, and so Instagram is trying to develop new tools to Social media are a powerful tool of current decades.

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We make no representation that any material contained on this Site is appropriate for any other jurisdiction. We may revise these Terms at any time by amending this page. Please check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes we made, as they are binding on you. Offer is available in Participating Restaurants only. The Voucher has no cash value. No cash or other alternative will be provided in whole or in part for the Voucher and cannot be combined with any other Kentucky Fried Chicken Great Britain Limited offer.

We reserve the rights to retract the offered discount at any time during the promotion.

Running Effective Meetings

Only one Voucher may be used per transaction until expiry. Subject to availability. Please keep a copy of the Terms for reference, though please note that they may be updated from time to time as described below. Ask in store when you visit to find out whether you are in a participating restaurant. To participate, you must be aged 13 or over and a resident in the UK or Ireland.

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To redeem Rewards and Offers, you must register and create your account online by following the instructions at www. It is possible to switch your account from a UK registered account to an Ireland registered account or from an Ireland registered account to a UK registered account by following the instructions at www. Restaurant menus, location maps and lists of restaurants are UK and Ireland specific and may differ depending on whether your account is UK registered or Ireland registered. It may only be used in accordance with these Terms in participating restaurants.

All Cards, Stamps, Rewards and Offers are personal to the account to which they are registered. The App will allow a compatible smartphone to display a barcode which can be used to collect and redeem Stamps.

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It is not possible to download the App on Windows mobile smartphones. To download the App you must be a resident of the UK or Ireland and aged 13 or over. Please contact your service provider for more details and seek the bill payer's consent, if applicable. The App will include the option to browse through KFC menus. This feature does not include placing or paying for an order and is for your reference only. Once you have registered via the App, we will send you an email asking you to verify your email address. We will deliver your 3 free Stamps into your account within 30 minutes of you verifying your email address.

You can only redeem this offer once and we reserve the right to refuse to deliver Stamps if we have reason to suspect that fake accounts are being set up to take advantage of the offer. No purchase is necessary. KFC reserves the right to withdraw, amended or extend this offer at any time and without notice.

Registering your details at www. Registering via the App will get you three free Stamps. Following registration, a maximum of two Stamps can be collected per customer per day. Stamps cannot be awarded retrospectively in the restaurant where barcodes have not been presented during the purchase. It is possible to collect Stamps retrospectively within 7 days of the relevant purchase by accessing your online account at www.

You may be required to provide the following information:. Please ensure that you retain your till receipt for this purpose; it will not be possible to award Stamps where the requisite details cannot be provided. This feature is usually available within 24 hours after the relevant purchase has taken place. Valid Stamps will be added to your account within 14 days of your request.

You must have registered your account online in order to collect Stamps retrospectively via your online account. It is only possible to collect Stamps retrospectively via your online account up to a maximum of 2 times per month.

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The date that the Stamp is collected will be the date you enter the details into your online account and not the date of the purchase. If by adding the details from the relevant receipt a Reward is collected, the start date of the Reward will be the date you enter details into your online account and not the date of the purchase.

All other conditions in these Terms apply. Any unused or unredeemed Stamps will expire 12 months from the date of the last Stamp being collected. So if no Stamps are collected for a period of 12 months, all Stamps will be lost. Once you have reached a total of 11 Stamps, your balance will reset back to the start of your Stamp journey for you to enjoy another round of Rewards.