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Cronin A. Sykes Andrew Pepoy Andrew R. Hudson Frederic S. Virgo G. Tauris Iain H. Haynes J. Rowling J. Kenneth Ewald J. DeMatteis J. Michael Straczynski J. Frank Baum L. Ibnu'ssabil: "a son of the road,"-i. Between two proper names, the form bin is used-i. A herald; v. A land tortoise common in marshy ground, and very destructive to padi.

Also abau kekura; v. Sending on an errand; orders or directions regarding a journey; an order to go anywhere, as distinct from an order to do anything kerah. Abah-abah: tackle, gear, harness; anything, the appearance of which is suggestive of tackle; the entrails of an animal. Abah-abah tenun: wearing gear. Also aba. Abah-abah: a porch or verandah built under the projecting eaves of a house. To disregard a command. Mingabi: to disobey.. Bahr'l-abiadl: the White River, i. Musim u. Main a.

Ash; cinders. Jikalau tuwan handak ka-Jambi, Ambil che' Tahir juru batu-nya; Jikalau tuwan hIndakkan kami, Bakar-lah ayer ambil abu-nya: Riau if you desire to marry me, burn water and collect the ashes thereof,-a proverbial setting of an impossible task. Sudah jadi abu arang: it has long been dust and ashes literally: cinders and charcoal ; it is ancient history.

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  • Terutama mati dengan yang baik daripada hidop dengan nama yang jahat: far better die with credit than live in disgrace; Ht. Yang terutama Gibernor: H. Maka tersebut-lah perkataan Bgtara Guru menitahkan Betara Indera turun barsama sama dengan Begawan Narada membawa ayer utama jiwa akan menghidopkan Sang Ranjuna:the story relates how Betara Guru Siva ordered the Holy Indra and the Blessed Narada to descend to earth bearing the water of life for the revivification of Arjuna; Ht. Utama jiwa is also used as a term of endearment.

    To weaken; to enervate.. Union; concord. Minyak a.

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    Order, arrangement; setting in order. Di-atur-nya meriam berkeliling: cannon were set all round it. Hairdn sa-kali di-dalam hati, Me-riam di-atur, perang ta-jadi: it is a most surprising thing; the cannon are in readiness but no fighting ever takes place! Aturan: the order in which anything is disposed; the method of arrangement.

    Peraturan: id. Aturi; aturkan; mengatur and mengaturkan: to set in order; to dispose or arrange anything methodically. Beratur: in order; arranged.

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    Position over or above. Di-atas meja: on the table. Ka-atas meja: to a position on the table. Atas angin; v. Baris di-atas: the Malay name descriptive of the vowel point fathah. In many Malay idioms atas is used in the sense of "according to," "relating to," "with reference to;" i. Menyertai aku atas pekerjaan yang sadikit ini: to assist me as regards this little matter. Atas beberapa sebab: for many reasons. A tas undang-undang: according to the laws. Befirmdn atas lidah: to speak by the tongue of another -of God's utterances by the lips of his Prophets.

    Atas also occurs in the sense of "against"; Ht. Rinsing or filtering a liquid through anything; usually tapis. Fiery; glowing.. Description; quality. To be interconnected. The motion of a boat on the water when the tendency to drift is impeded but not altogether prevented by an anchor with a short cable or by any similar means. Udang a. Concord; harmony. A roof; roofing-especially but not necessarily a roof of leaves in contradistinction to one of tiles or shingles.

    Atap-nya daripada zanmrid yang hijau: it was roofed with green emerald. Rumnah atap: a house made of roofing, i. Bengkawan a. Chuchor a. Kasan a. Teratap: a rough lean-to or shed; properly teratak, q. See Ht. A medicinal drug of a hard, stone-like character; K. The ancient and literary form of a word now pronounced utdma, v. The ancient and literary form of a word now pronounced utama, v.


    Riau-Johor Or; either; else; Kedah atawa. Better hati, q. Ap ajar. Instruction; teaching. Ajaran: instruction. Ajari and mnngajari: to instruct any one. Ajarkan, mgmpelajarkan and mnngajarkan: to teach any subject. Btlajar: to learn.

    succubus blues georgina kincaid book 1 Manual

    Mbngajar: to teach; to be engaged in teaching. Pglajaran: teaching; instruction; the subject taught. Pengajar: a teacher; an instructor. PNngajaran: the work of instruction. PNlok tuboh mrngajar diri: hug your body and lecture yourself; ponder on your own folly; Prov. Affirmation; Majm. Yang di-ithbdtkan itu melainkan Allah: he only avowed his belief in the one God; Ht. See also Sh. Trace; sign; impression; memorial. Al-athar: the traditional sayings of the Prophet. This word is sometimes used as a proper name. To hear and fulfil a prayer.

    The hearing of prayer.