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However, if a sailor has his or her own sling we would prefer to use them. Please bring it along. The safety of everyone is of prime importance at all times. This makes it possible for sailors with all levels of experience to get out on the water under instruction and in confidence of their safety.

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CVSS provides buoyancy aids for all sailors and buddy sailors. At present we consider it may be advisable to offer some sailors life-jackets. A life-jacket rolls a person who falls into the water onto their back and provides head support. Those sailors who should consider a life-jacket are those who are non-swimmers or those with significant lower limb disabilities.

Please indicate on your membership form if you are a sailor who may need to use a life-jacket and also give your weight because jackets are graded by the weight of the wearer. A note on the bottom of the form will be fine. We may ask you to get a view from an occupational therapist in order to decide which aid or jacket is most appropriate. You must inform the Shore Officer if any sailor in your group who requires hoisting is kgs or heavier. If any of your sailors are non-swimmers with significant lower-limb disabilities can you let us know?

If you are definitely bringing sailors with these difficulties please attach a note to your Group Membership application form. If you are in a position to name the sailors and their weights that would be very helpful. We need to know the weight of each sailor who falls into the group because life-jackets are graded by the weight of the wearer. Toggle Navigation. Search Go. It was a shortcut. To be able to trail Exlex is a one of her many desirable qualities.

Last year we trailed the first Exlex 5. I have trailed many of my small ocean going boats to various places. I suggest the idea. It adds a dimension of freedom, so why not?

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Exlex, although small attracted much attention in Hunnebostrand. I had to answer many a question like if she was able to sail to windward, if I was steering with the sculling oar, what would happen is she capsized and more. I assured every one that she was a very able boat. I am very pleased with the performance of Exlex.

She pointed high and sailed fast. If I watch my steps the upcoming voyage will go fine. Something gone wrong with my computer I am unable to show more pictures.

Hopefully friends will fix it. After speaking to several friends I can now continue.

Here are two more photos of Exlex being rolled over. This time it was not for stability but to test for leaks.

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There were still a leak on rolling to starboard in the ventilation system, a small one screew hole. I had plugged 2 screew holes before.

Rolling to port she was tight, no leaks. The hatches were also waterproof. The one leak I think is easy to fix, but Murphy is sitting on my sholder trying to to keep me alert. Good news to all lug nuts. Again I have I been out again testing Exlex, now in stronger winds guessing upper force 4 or lower force 5. She now pointed about 53 degrees from the the wind compered to 65 degrees in less strong winds. Well a friend told me that his double ender pointed 45 degrees from the wind so I made an extra effort to steer well.

Production boats try to copy racing boats windward performance. Racing boats are optimized for going to windward. Cruising boats sail passages downwind.

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A boat optimized for windward performance is not at its best downwind. For example deep ballast keels and weather helm is not a good thing downwind. Exlex is optimized for downwind sailing.