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Of course, there are still possible detours to this dream ALCS.

And the Twins, who won games this year, don't figure to simply roll over, even if they've been stripped of their pre-series bravado. But Minnesota's plan to break the Yankees' hearts didn't take into account two important factors.

The first is Edwin Encarnacion's emergence in the middle of the Yankees' lineup. He's 4-for-9 in the first two games, reminding everyone why the Bombers considered him a difference-maker ahead of the trade deadline. It's a heavyweight fight getting him out, and even when you do get him out, it's work. I know the damage we're capable of. Manager Rocco Baldelli had already whiffed on his first hunch—that Dobnak, a previously unheard of year-old who'd signed out of an independent league earlier this year, could confuse the Yankees with a sinker-slider combination.

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The plan called for Dobnak to pitch to contact: control the Yankees' bat speed and pile up soft outs. He instead allowed eight of the 13 batters he faced to reach base, which meant a crisis was building by the time reliever Tyler Duffey arrived. In his first three batters, Duffey allowed Giancarlo Stanton a massive sacrifice fly to deep center and a searing RBI single to Gleyber Torres before hitting Gary Sanchez with a fastball. The army of Yankees fans were on their feet by now, sensing the Twins' imminent collapse.

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The Yankees were ahead, , which meant the situation was still salvageable. That is until Didi Gregorius undid weeks of frustration with one swing. That was secret weapon No. No one figured the shortstop could still do damage—not after batting.

Yankees' Juggernaut Offense Will Be Tough to Beat in Playoffs

Contrasting those triggers with the "viciousness of addiction," he added: "When they're associated with drugs of abuse, they can become modifiers of memory function. That creates a double whammy effect where classic stimulus-response mechanisms are reinforced by the memory effects of environmental drug cues, said co-author Boyer Winters, also a psychology professor. Added to the conditioned response, Winters said, "that learning's going to be stamped in better and probably be stronger and more persistent.

The research team -- including students Michael Wolter, Ethan Huff and Talia Spiegel -- compared rats' memory of objects in test chambers after being given cocaine and nicotine with how well they performed when prompted only by the environmental stimuli associated with the substance effects.

The researchers tested rats either with or without the drugs, and then tested them all drug-free.

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”

Animals in a drug-free state showed more activity in chambers where they had earlier been tested while drugged than in test environments without drugs. That suggests environmental cues paired with cocaine and nicotine -- like the drugs themselves -- can help strengthen memories in the brain, said Leri.

That one-two effect makes it harder to treat drug abuse, but the same finding may offer a way to use these cues to improve cognitive behavioural therapy. Materials provided by University of Guelph. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.

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Science News. Story Source: Materials provided by University of Guelph.

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Winters, Francesco Leri. Cocaine, nicotine, and their conditioned contexts enhance consolidation of object memory in rats.

ScienceDaily, 27 February University of Guelph.