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A Teacher's Guide to Education Law. Blokhuis, Jonathan Feldman.

Education Law and Policy Reference Guide: Education Law and Policy Reference Guide

Edition 5th Edition. First Published Imprint Routledge. Pages pages. Discussions of particularly complex topics begin with an overview, and subsequent sections provide additional detail. The last section of each chapter provides a summary of the most significant topics and principles discussed.

What Every Educator Should Know About Special Education Law

The first chapter is devoted to providing a foundation for understanding the remainder of the book, including a thorough explanation of the system of legal citations employed. One of the difficulties of producing a comprehensive treatment of education law designed for teachers throughout the United States is that legal principles and interpretations can vary significantly from state to state.

A Teacher's Guide to Education Law - Third Edition (Electronic book text)

No attempt has been made to review the laws of each state exhaustively. Rather, the text focuses on generally applicable principles, noting areas where the specifics of state law vary. In these areas, readers may want to supplement the material presented with statutes and cases from their own state. An unknown error has occurred.

A Teacher's Guide to Education Law

Technology in the form of web-based workshops and lectures will be helpful [11]. In general, it is important to remember that you are not permitted to make commercial use of any copies created for educational purposes.

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One of the most important exceptions for education permits the use of any type of work for the purpose of teaching or as the law puts it: This means that copyright in the work is not infringed by an individual teacher or a student as long as they are copying the work to give or receive instruction or when preparing to give or receive instruction , and the copying is used to illustrate a point about the subject being taught.

There is no legal definition of what is fair or unfair in this context. So, it is OK for a teacher to copy material onto a blackboard or an interactive whiteboard under this exception.

And it is OK for students to copy that material into their notebooks or laptops. For example, a teacher might show a copy of a work by Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol or Tracy Emin on an interactive whiteboard for a class of students studying art in the 20th century.

A Teacher's Guide to Education Law | Taylor & Francis Group

What the teacher cannot do under this exception, however, is make photocopies of a work for the students in their class; that type of copying is covered by a different educational exception see below: Copying and using extracts of works. There are two other important things to know about this exception. First, it applies to all types of teaching, not just teaching within a traditional educational establishment. Second, the exception cannot be overridden by contract.

This means that any term of a contract seeking to prevent or restrict copying under this exception is unenforceable in law. The law also recognises a number of other situations in which educational establishments are allowed to benefit from suspension of the rules that normally govern the use of copyright works.

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  • Read e-book A Teachers Guide to Education Law!
  • Read e-book A Teachers Guide to Education Law!
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  • No more than two pieces of a copyright work can be included in an anthology within a five-year period, and only provided sufficient acknowledgement is given.