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Glazed windows slow down heating as a result of contact with the sunshine. This also increases the flow of the natural cooling breeze. Install a ceiling fan for an extra kick on ventilation.

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To pull out the heat from the interior, you may also need an exhaust fan. There are other appliances that you might want to employ to keep it cool. Solar-powered ceiling fans would be a good addition. A solar panel on your roof can also provide you with free electricity. Fans may not be applicable in some shed spaces and they may just circulate hot air.

Based on location and the purpose of your shed, an air-conditioning unit might be the most appropriate addition to that space. Install a whirlybird or roof ventilator. This is another conventional way of cooling your shed.

You can choose from the active-powered ones which they call mechanical, or you can go for the wind-driven whirlybird. The concept behind this device is that when the wind hits the turbine fins, the vent rotates. As it rotates, this will pull out the hot air, thereby cooling your space. Try another skylight roofing design.

Redesign your skylight on your roof to avoid heat loss during winter and prevent heat gain during summer. A little tweak on its design such as using open-sided cylinders or mirrored reflectors adjacent to the skylight could actually provide daylighting without the heat gain. This ceiling structure mostly provides you with the lighting. Operable skylights which open outward from the bottom releases the hot air found in the ceiling and could also cool down your space. Add some natural shades.

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If you have made some additions to your shed to keep it cool and still find it too hot inside during the summer, you may want to reconsider the site. Relocate your shed to a shady area, but make sure that it is not under trees whose branches could snap easily. This would substantially mitigate its exposure to the sun and provide you a great background for memorable photographs. Be practical by opening the doors and windows. This is the most practical of all tips that could save you several dollars.

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Closing the doors can trap the interior temperature, so try to keep it open whilst you use the shed. You may also want to change the colour of your shed.

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Dark colours do not reflect back the heat, as they absorb it instead; hence, when choosing paint colours for your shed, always lighten up the tone. Choose the best cooling method that is perfect for your shed and that suits your environmental situation. Keeping your shed cool does not mean you have to compromise its style, type, and design. For the best option on cooling and styling your garden shed, log on to www.

Try the natural cooling effect of roof vents Ventilation in roofs comes in two forms. Frame and sheathe the walls, then join them with plates and joists. Nail together the side walls, then square them with the plywood side panels. Join the two sides with the top and bottom plates and rim joists. Build the roof on your workbench. Shingle with cedar or asphalt shingles. Cut and screw together the two pairs of rafters, then nail on the fascia and ridge boards.

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Nail on the roof sheathing and the soffit, butting the corners together Photo 2. Screw on the collar ties at the points shown in Figure A, then screw on the front and rear nailers. Nail the roof trim on, staple on a layer of roofing felt, then shingle the roof.

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If you use cedar shingles, fasten them with narrow crown staples or siding nails. Set the completed roof on the shed base. Screw on the front and back panels to join the roof and the base. Tip the shed upright, then set the roof on, aligning the front collar tie with the front rim joist and centering it side to side Photo 3.

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  6. Nail the cedar trim to the sides, aligning the 1x3s on the sides with the overhanging edge of plywood along the front edge. Glue and screw on the back and front siding panels to join the roof and base together. Use the back panel to square the structure and make it rigid. Cover the front panel with roofing felt and shingles. Nail on the front trim piece, aligning it with the horizontal side battens. Attach flashing and felt to the front panel, then cover it with cedar shakes Photo 4.

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    Finally, construct the doors see Figure A detail , cut the hinge mortises see below and hang the doors. Paint or stain if desired, then set the shed against the house on several inches of gravel. Add or take away gravel under the footings until the shed is tight against the siding and the gap above the doors is even.